249 Point Road, Willsboro  249 Point Road, Willsboro

311 Patnode Road, Town of Clinton 311 Patnode Road, Churubusco, Town of Clinton


Land on Augur Lake Road 410 Augur Lake, Keeseville, Town of Chesterfield

94-96 Dixon Road, Chestertown 94-96 Dixon Road, Chestertown

305 Steam Mill Rd, Ellenburg 305 Steam Mill Rd, Ellenburg

1263 Route 9N 1263 Route 9N, Clintonville, Town of AuSable

1267 Route 9N in town of Au Sable 1267 Route 9N, Town of Au Sable

Land on Patnode Road in Churubusco 249 Patnode Road, Churubusco, Town of Clinton

74 Boynton Ave, Plattsburgh 74 Boynton Ave, City of Plattsburgh

40 Lakeshore Drive, Willsboro 40 Lakeshore Dr, Willsboro

19 Mill Lane, Willsboro 19 Mill Lane, Willsboro

1252 Middle Road, Willsboro 1252 Middle Road, Willsboro

61 Mill Street, Dannemora 61 Mill Street, Lyon Mountain, Town of Dannemora

2 Lakota Way 2 Lakota Way, New Russia, Town of Elizabethtown

1278 Middle Road, Willsboro 1278 Middle Road, Willsboro



328 Silver Lake Road in AuSable Forks 328 Silver Lake Road, AuSable Forks, Town of Black Brook

721 Point Road, Willsboro 721 Point Road, Willsboro

317 Sears Road, Ellenburg 317 Sears Road, Ellenburg

15 Forster Way, Willsboro 15 Forster Way, Willsboro

1 Dellwood Lane Along Augur Lake 1 Dellwood Lane, Keeseville (Town of Chesterfield)

29 Arnold Road, Plattsburgh  29 Arnold Road, Plattsburgh (Town of Peru)

255 Frontage Road, Keeseville  255 Frontage Road, Keeseville (Town of Chesterfield)

1282 Middle Road, Willsboro  1282 Middle Road, Willsboro

61 Corlear Bay Road in Chesterfield 61 Corlear Bay Road, Port Douglas (Town of Chesterfield)

122 Ferry Road, Crown Point  122 Ferry Road, Crown Point

34 Windy Way, Elizabethtown  34 Windy Way, Elizabethtown

8 Spruce Ave in Willsboro 8 Spruce Ave, Willsboro

3928 Route 22 in Willsboro 3928 Route 22, Willsboro

3930 Route 22 in Willsboro 3930 Route 22, Willsboro

931 Reber Road in Willsboro 931 Reber Road, Willsboro

3 Dane Lane in Willsboro 3 Dane Lane, Willsboro

Barton Mines Road in North Creek Barton Mines Road, North Creek

1041 Reber Road in Willsboro 1041 Reber Road, Willsboro

107 Fish and Game in Westport 107 Fish and Game, Westport

113 Lakeshore Drive in Willsboro 113 Lakeshore Drive, Willsboro

123 Lakeshore Drive in Willsboro 123 Lakeshore Drive, Willsboro

12603 Route 30 in Malone 12603 Route 30, Malone

150 Lakeshore Drive in Willsboro 150 Lakeshore Drive, Willsboro

160 Main Street in North Creek 160 Main Street, North Creek

1723 Route 22 in Essex 1723 Route 22, Essex

173 Mountain Path in North Creek 173 Mountain Path, North Creek

19 Oak Avenue in Willsboro 19 Oak Avenue, Willsboro

2 Vista Drive in Willsboro 2 Vista Drive, Willsboro

212 Park Avenue in Johnsburg 212 Park Avenue, Johnsburg

2253 Hulbert Road in Lewis 2253 Hulbert Road, Lewis

2352 Saranac Avenue in Lake Placid 2352 Saranac Avenue, Lake Placid

24 Bird Song Way in North Elba 24 Bird Song Way, Lake Placid (Town of North Elba)

2667 Route 28N in Minerva 2667 Route 28N, Minerva

2692 Garnet Lake Road in Johnsburg 2692 Garnet Lake Road, Johnsburg

27 Duprey Street in Saranac Lake 27 Duprey Street, Saranac Lake

282 Point Road in Willsboro 282 Point Road, Willsboro

32 Elm Avenue in Willsboro 32 Elm Avenue, Willsboro

4 Davenport Drive in Constable 4 Davenport Drive, Constable

48 Elm Avenue in Willsboro 48 Elm Avenue, Willsboro

51 Sodom Cross Road in North Creek 51 Sodom Cross Road, North Creek

747 Fox Run Road in Lewis 747 Fox Run Road, Lewis

7672 Route 9N in Elizabethtown 7672 Route 9N, Elizabethtown

857 Mountain View Drive in Willsboro 857 Mountain View Drive, Willsboro

893 Mountain View Drive in Willsboro 893 Mountain View Drive, Willsboro

933 Reber Road in Lewis 933 Reber Road, Lewis

937 Reber Road in Willsboro 937 Reber Road, Willsboro

889 Bradley Pond Road in Ellenburg 889 Bradley Pond Road, Ellenburg

1111 Bradley Pond Road in Ellenburg 1111 Bradley Pond Road, Ellenburg

388 Carver Lane in Willsboro 388 Carver Lane, Willsboro

51 Grove Avenue in Willsboro 51 Grove Avenue, Willsboro

Land on Lane Road in Chestertown Lane Road, Chestertown

Land on Point Road in Willsboro Point Road, Willsboro


4092 Route 22 in Willsboro 4092 Route 22, Willsboro

26 Hobbs Road in Beekmantown 26 Hobbs Road, Plattsburgh (Town of Beekmantown)

3280 Essex Road in Willsboro 3280 Essex Road, Willsboro